UnitedHealthcare Individual & Family health care coverage plans

A glance at your 2023 UnitedHealthcare options

We know everyone has different needs, so we created our plans with that in mind. Compare coverage and find an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. (Here’s a tip: Decide if you want to pay a coinsurance or defined copay when you get care. Knowing this helps people budget for their costs.)

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Extra savings and benefits — at no additional cost

We know you expect a lot from your health plan. So, we’ve got plans that put you first. Here’s a look at some of the benefits you could get with one of our 2023 UnitedHealthcare Individual and Family plans:*

Unlimited $0 primary care^
Enjoy the convenience of unlimited visits and the value of a personal relationship with a single doctor. Choose a network doctor to be your go-to for things like annual checkups, shots and screening, and help managing chronic conditions. When you see your matched provider for primary care, your visits are $0 with most plans. With our Essential plan, this benefit kicks in once you reach your deductible. For all other plans, you get this benefit right away.

Unlimited $0 virtual urgent care^
Get the peace of mind that comes with the care you need, when you need it. With most plans, you get unlimited $0 virtual urgent care visits with a doctor who’s to provide online urgent, specialty and primary care. Connect with a doctor, get a diagnosis and even get a prescription if you need one — day or night. With our Essential plan, this benefit kicks in once you reach your deductible. For all other plans, you get this benefit right away.

Prescriptions for $3 or less^
Pay a $3 copay (or less) on Tier 1 generic drugs at Walgreens. (Preferred generic prescriptions for Colorado.) Plus, get member-exclusive discounts, like 20% off Walgreens-brand health and wellness products.

Earn a $100 gift card^
Taking care of yourself is its own reward, but it can earn you other rewards too. You can earn a $100 gift card to Walgreens, Walmart or Amazon by completing 4 steps: visit your primary care provider, sign up for paperless communications and text messages, and set up your auto-pay.

Digital fitness classes at no additional cost
Get access to a premium library with thousands of live and on-demand digital fitness classes included in your plan. There’s something for nearly every fitness interest, ability and schedule — from cardio to yoga, and strength training to meditation.

In addition to these benefits, plans may also include:

  • Prescriptions delivered to your door 
  • Adult routine vision coverage 
  • $0 adult routine dental visits and care^ 
  • HSA-eligible plans let you contribute tax-free dollars for eligible health care costs 
  • One-year AARP membership with access to hundreds of programs, services and discounts


Picking the right UnitedHealthcare Individual & Family plan

Wondering which plan might be right for you? Take a look at these descriptions and decide what sounds most like you. 


This is our lowest-cost plan. It’s a good fit if you want a low-cost plan with benefits for worst-case medical scenarios, like serious illness or injury. Your monthly premium could be as low as $0^, but you’ll pay more when you get care, compared to our other plans.^ Essential plans are available in the Bronze metal level.


Virtual First**

Built with flexibility and convenience on the go, this plan offers unlimited 24/7 $0 virtual care through the Galileo mobile app.^ This plan is a good fit if you’d rather talk, text or have a video visit with a doctor instead of heading to the clinic. Your 24/7 access to virtual care lets you interact with your doctor on your schedule, when it’s most convenient for you. The Galileo mobile app will be your first stop for all your care needs, from everyday to urgent — including primary and specialty care. Virtual First plans are available in Bronze and Silver metal levels. 

This plan also offers the option to get your Galileo communications in Spanish and connect with a Spanish-speaking Galileo doctor right away. 

Virtual First


This plan isn’t as low-cost as Essential, but pretty darn close. It offers low-copay primary care visits with your doctor, and an HSA option. Like our other plans, this plan also has the option for virtual care. It’s a good fit if you see your doctor regularly and want something with a few more bells and whistles than the basic plan. Value plans are available in Bronze, Silver, and Gold metal levels.


This is our richest plan with the most coverage. It could be a good fit if you’re used to having lots of coverage and perks (like embedded adult vision and dental benefits). It’s a good match if you see your doctor often, and you’re willing to pay a little more each month in order to pay less when you get care. Advantage plans are available in Silver and Gold metal levels.


Your unique needs + Guidance every step of the way

After 30 years in the business, we believe there’s no limit to what care can do. We’re dedicated to connecting you to better health by offering (more) health benefits designed with affordability, simplicity and reliability in mind. After all, you need a plan that’s going to be there for you whenever and wherever, without the hassle.

As the nation’s No. 1*** health insurance company, we continue to deliver on this promise through community-based health care programs, budget-friendly plan options, and support to guide you along your health care journey. No matter which type of UnitedHealthcare coverage you choose, we’re here to offer:

  • Answers and advice from our trusted customer service team 
  • Easy ways to manage your plan, find network care and pay bills with an online member account 
  • Clear communication about important plan reminders (and money-saving tips) 
  • A simple enrollment process with personalized plan options

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